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4 Tips for Managing a Millennial Workforce

Have you struggled to engage the millennial workforce? Have you ever wondered exactly what makes them tick? Managing millennials in the workforce is a hot topic for business owners and managers.

How do you motivate this new generation of workers? What has motivated generations of workforces before don’t seem to work on this rising generation. Their “lifestyle” business approach has left managers grasping for straws at how to motivate them. Use the following 4 tips to reach this unique generation and maximize their potential in the workforce.

1) Perks Matter

While previous generations were motivated by competitive salaries, the same does not hold true for millennials. Money is important, but no longer the main motivator. Many millennials care just as much about the perks associated with a job. Being done by 5 and having a hip workplace with office perks is often more motivating than the promise of a hefty paycheck and promotion. Don’t be afraid to discuss this in the hiring process. You may be able to hire an employee for less if they can have every other friday off to join their cycling team on a weekend ride.

Likewise, millennials are more likely to appreciate non-traditional benefits. Bringing in a company to offer chair massages once a month, or offering a discount to a local gym are the types of perks that millennials crave. Be creative in meeting the needs of the younger generation, and they will reward you with increased productivity.

2) Provide Structure

Managing expectations is important with every employee, but with millennials it can make or break their success. They enjoy flexibility, but they also need enough structure to know what is expected of them and when and how it needs to be completed. If you don’t already have one, create a job description for each employee. Identify what that employees expectations are on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and if necessary, yearly basis.

The trick for doing this successfully is to break down tasks into things they can do in 1 hr or less and can check off a list. For example, if the task is to prep for monthly shareholders meeting, you may need to break that task down into several smaller tasks.

  • Send e-invite to shareholders for upcoming meeting.  
  • Pull reports for shareholders packets. (you would want to include information on which reports you want pulled and where to find those reports)
  • Order breakfast for shareholders meeting.

The more they know about what you expect from them, the more they will rise to meet that expectation.   

3) Make Work Rewarding

Many millennials respond more to helping a cause than to working for “the man.” They will be much more engaged if they feel that the work they are doing is making a difference. They are team players, and are motivated by working toward the common good.

Millennials are hungry for leadership and want to be in on the goals of the company as a whole and what you are working toward. They want to feel part of the bigger picture. They also want to have their ideas heard. Include them in your project planning, meetings, and don’t ignore their ideas. Make sure they know your company goals and be transparent about where your company is at financially and where you are going.

4) Present Fresh Challenges

Millennials don’t want to be stuck doing the same task over and over. They see doing the same tasks as boring. They love challenges, and often come up with unique solutions. Give them a wide variety of tasks to keep the job fresh. In your employee reviews ask them what things they enjoy doing most and provide opportunities to do more of what they love.

Millennials are also masters at multitasking. This group has grown up with technology, so they have no problem talking on the phone while composing an email. Put these skills to good use, by presenting them with multi-faceted tasks.

Empower Your Millennial Workers

While millennials present unique challenges to managers, they also bring key strengths to a business, such as innovation and passion. By taking a few simple steps to reach them, you can position them to play a key role in your business. For help creating systems to empower and manage your millennial workforce, call us to schedule a complimentary 15 minute business consultation at 801-472-6947.

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