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4 Tips for Managing Your Leads Like a BOSS

Have you been struggling with managing your leads? Do you ever wonder what your business would be like if you had proven processes in place to convert your leads to sales?

A killer sales system involves 4 critical steps. First, collecting leads, second, nurturing those leads, third, following up, and fourth, offering and up-sell. Managing this process with multiple leads on your plate can get hairy. Here are some tips for managing your leads like a BOSS.

1. Track every lead.

Create a database where you keep your leads’ names, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other important information you need on them. Your CRM software should be your go-to solution for data tracking. Don’t rely on simply keeping contact information in your phone or an address book. You need a comprehensive solution that can track your leads, and is easily searchable. Not every lead may be ready to buy now, but that’s why they say the fortune is in the follow up.

2. Track each step of your sales process.

Unless you’re tracking, it’s easy for leads and money to slip through the cracks. The book, The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy, gives fantastic insight into why you need to make good processes a habit. By implementing effective processes, you can simplify your lead management, leaving you more time to tackle other timely issues in your business.

The first step to improvement is tracking. Set up a pipeline in your CRM system, or a set of repeating tasks, and use it to track your leads from first contact through sales conversion. It will not only make sure you go through each step in the process, but will also give you valuable data you can use to make better decisions for your company. By looking at overviews of your pipeline, you may be able to identify areas of your lead process where things get off track, and develop a solution to improve that step in the future.

3. Follow up!

You’ve probably heard that the fortune is in the follow up… well it’s actually true! Staying top of mind with people is important when it comes to sales. I’ve seen many sales people drop potential leads because other hotter leads came to the forefront. Utilizing a sales system to help you follow up and achieve better results.

Use your CRM system to set scheduled reminders to reach out to potential leads. You can even use automated messaging to make your follow up even more effortless. By maximizing the features of your CRM software, following up can be a breeze!

4. Make the offer and up-sell.

No matter how good your product or service is, you are unlikely to make a sale without an effective sales pitch. Once you have nurtured a relationship with your lead, and followed up with them, offer your product. This is as simple as asking them to purchase. Some of my favorite closing questions are “Out of the options I’ve shown you, which one are you leaning towards?” or “Assuming we’re able to work out financing, we could get started working with you next week. How would that work for you?”

Don’t be afraid to up-sell either. It’s tough to always be looking for new business. By learning to offer upsells you can increase your revenue as well as the lifetime value of a client. Almost everytime you pick up fast food you experience an upsell. “Would you like fries with that?” Upsells can happen the first time someone purchases with you or it can happen towards middle or end of a project. This could look like a longer contract, extended service provided or an additional value add.

Manage Leads Like a BOSS!

By implementing these 4 simple steps, you can become a master at the sales process. These steps will help you to not only generate more leads, but convert those leads to paying customers. Stop struggling, and prepare to elevate your business! For help setting up a system to manage and track your sales process through Insightly, the #1 small business CRM, visit for more information.

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