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Customization: Creating Options that Really Work

Cookie cutter plans are great for a lot of things. They are quick and simple, and usually save time. But pre-designed options often require us to sacrifice what we really want or need. One size might work for all, but it doesn’t really fit. As we recently drew up plans for our new home, I…

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Learning How to Be Lucky

Maybe it’s my love of all things Irish, but I’ve always considered myself lucky. And yet I’ve learned that success in business or any other aspect of life doesn’t just happen by chance. Rather success is the product of a lot of determination and hard work; with a good measure of optimism thrown in for,…

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Customize Insightly with Custom Fields

My CRM is one of my most powerful business tools. I use it daily to manage my sales, contacts, tasks and projects. Insightly CRM keeps my business running smoothly. I also use Insightly to help other businesses create processes, simplify their systems and save time. I love how easy it is to customize Insightly to…

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Narrowing Your Niche

Love What You Do by Narrowing Your Niche

I was talking with a friend the other day who is just starting his own business. He has a unique product that could help a lot of different people. Trying to help him determine his target audience, I asked him to define his ideal customer. He replied that he wants to help entrepreneurs and small…

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Fail your way to success

Failure Teaches Your Brain How to Succeed

In life and business I have often heard sayings like “Fail your way to success” or “I have just found 1000 ways that don’t work.” These sayings have often been more intimidating than inspiring to me. At the start of a project, the last thing that I want to focus on is the potential failure.…

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How I Use Insightly to Manage My To-Do List

As an Insightly consultant, I create solutions that help businesses simplify their processes and save time. Whenever I talk with someone about all of the ways Insightly can simplify and automate their business, I find that most people completely underutilize their CRM. I am often asked how I use Insightly in my own business. One…

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Creation vs. Procrastination: How to get things done

Creation vs. Procrastination: How to Get Things Done

Do you ever work for hours and realize you haven’t accomplished anything you really needed to do? There are always things to keep me busy. Whether it’s re-formatting spreadsheets, color coding my to do list, or revising my writing process, organizing is something I love to do. I can come up with a list of…

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Automate, Integrations, Success, Insightly CRM

7 Business Automations that Make it Easy to Succeed

I was recently reading an INC article about setting goals and keeping resolutions. According to the author, it’s not about working harder. The secret is making sure it’s easy for you to succeed. This rang so true for me. After all, this is the heart of what we do at Business Made Simple: We make…

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Organization, Insightly CRM, CRM, New Year


Is it just me, or does a blank calendar fill you with anticipation?  A new year is full of possibilities, and I can’t wait to see where it will take me! I love the whole process of defining my vision, breaking it into projects, setting goals and then scheduling tasks and milestones to make sure…

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Better Business Reporting: What You Need to Know

I love this time of year! At Business Made Simple, we’ve been busy planning new strategies, creating new products and setting goals for the upcoming year. I’m looking forward to the best year ever with renewed energy and excitement. Part of this process is also looking back, learning from the successes and failures of the…

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