Customize Insightly with Custom Fields

My CRM is one of my most powerful business tools. I use it daily to manage my sales, contacts, tasks and projects. Insightly CRM keeps my business running smoothly.

I also use Insightly to help other businesses create processes, simplify their systems and save time. I love how easy it is to customize Insightly to fit the individual needs of my customers. From accountants to artisans to real estate agents, I can tailor the way information is organized, tracked and reported to help each customer get the most value and insight from their data. One of the best ways to customize Insightly is by creating custom fields.

Just as each business is unique, so is their data. Custom fields for a real estate agent would look very different than custom fields for a manufacturer. For example, a realtor would want to record information such as:

  • Contact type: Is the contact a buyer, seller or agent?
  • Transaction type: Buying or listing?
  • MLS#
  • Preferences such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms, or preferred neighborhoods.
  • Details such as home size, garage size and lot size.
  • Budget
  • Mortgage information
  • Referral sources
  • And more!

Any information needed to better organize and understand your business can be recorded and tracked using custom fields. See how easy it is to create and use custom fields in Insightly:



  • Create custom fields in Insightly CRM to track the information you need.
  • Customize these fields to record the data unique to your business.
  • Include personalized information for each customer with custom fields that track preferences, important dates, even their favorite drink or restaurant.
  • Track detailed information for each opportunity and project.
  • Use custom fields to add depth and insight to reports.


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