Exciting Document Optimization Partner

I am very excited to announce our new partnership with PandaDoc. Most businesses striving to go paperless are utilizing a document signing software. After investigating and testing many document signing softwares, I am thrilled with PandaDoc.

If you are currently using a document signature software, I recommend checking out because there is so much more to love than document signing.

Here are a few of my favorite features and why I made the switch:

CRM integration with Insightly- As an Insightly consultant, I am always thrilled to let you know how to save time in your business with Insightly. PandaDoc integrates seamlessly with Insightly and will pull data fields from all record types into your documents to eliminate double entry! You will also be able to access your PandaDoc documents from within Insightly.

Content Library- PandaDoc has a massive pre-existing content library. After looking through their content library, I have seen so many ways to up my own branding and deliverables utilizing documents. They have everything from proposals, non disclosure documents, information, marketing, to independent contractor agreements and so much more. The templates are well written and beautifully designed. PandaDoc makes it simple to customize the content library items with your own branding free of charge for paid accounts.

Workflows- If your documents need a series of approvals before being sent to your clients, PandaDoc can manage that approval process for you.

Pricing Table- You can easily upload your current catalog of products and services into a master pricing table. When you are creating a document that includes pricing, it is easy to add from your master pricing table, calculate costs, add taxes and more.

Document Builder- Sales documents in today’s world are incorporating more than just text. PandaDoc’s drag and drop document builder lets you add the normal text and pricing tables but it also allows for embedded videos, embedded PDFs, payment options and more.

Analytics- PandaDoc has robust analytics that allow you to see exactly how long people are spending on each page of your document and what their activity is within the document. Learn from your clients to improve your sales process with analytics.

Learn how to increase your sales and reduce your time with Panda Doc HERE.


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