Process + Culture = Magic

I awoke groggy this morning at 5:30 to my 7-year-old son showered and ready to head to the orthodontist. I really don’t know many orthodontists that can infuse that much excitement into a child about getting a palatal expander. Nevertheless, there he stood at 5:30 with his new Warren Orthodontic’s T-shirt ready to start the day. As we create process improvement for small businesses, we seek to infuse the company culture into the processes. I have never seen a better example of this that what I saw at Warren Orthodontics. Sure, they had a really fancy new office with great technology to keep my kids busy and friendly staff but here is a list of extra process improvement they did to showcase their culture of VIP patients.

  • A “Welcome New Patients” Sign with his name printed on it
  • Snacks available in the lobby
  • The friendliest person interacting and playing with not only my son but his 4 year old brother
  • A green screen room for funny pictures
  • The ability to spin a wheel and get points for being on time, good dental hygiene, wearing your branded shirt, and more
  • A prize closet to change your points in for treasures
  • A stuffed animal when you joined “The Bracket Club”
  • Game to guess how many candies were in a jar
  • Weekly “favorite things” give away

Each of these items could be pivoted to create process improvement in many small businesses!

Thanks for the experience Warren and making orthodontic care exciting for my boy.

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