Small Business Security

Should Small Business Worry About Security?

In today’s world, data is king! Although it’s the attacks made against large businesses that make it into the headlines, it is actually medium- and small-sized businesses that are being targeted more and more by cyber criminals. Last year, 43 percent of worldwide cyber attacks targeted businesses with less than 250 employees. The U.S. government is even sounding the alarm, with the House Committee on Small Business making it a top priority to protect small businesses.  

In recent years, two of the major trends in technology has been growth of the cloud for storing and processing data and the rise of using mobile devices as a main computing platform.  An entire new world of work has been opened for both small and large companies.  However, they have created a much more complex security environment as well.

Small businesses do not have the financial means to support in house security teams to protect their data. It is a fine line between having your data accessible to everyone who needs it and being protected from those who don’t need it. While CRM software is essential for running a small business in today’s market, it can also leave data vulnerable.

It is time to think beyond hackers. Small business security threats can come from within the company. Many business owners worry about an employee leaving and taking data with them. To minimize this risk, employee data needs to be limited.

How Insightly Tackles Security

I am trilled with Insightly’s new permissions feature that enables administrators to limit the data that each team member has access to. Erin was recently interviewed by Search CRM about how this feature improves security for small business. Read the full article here.

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