Are You Trying To Do It All?

If you're trying to do it all - you might be killing your business. Systems can free you and your business allowing you to growing to the next level.

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Erin Mathie - Business Made Simple

"It's time to stop drowning. Focus your resources and get your head above water. You created your business to support your life, not to run your life."

Have you ever caught yourself using one of these extremely costly excuses?

WARNING: A Workflow Remodel Isn't For Everyone....

If you can answer YES to all four of these questions, the Workflow Remodel is PERFECT for you.

  • Are you a service based business? (as opposed to a product based business)
  • Do you have employees or contractors in your business?
  • Do you have new leads coming into your business on a regular basis?
  • Are you committed improving your business and willing to make the needed changes?
Dinara Lewis

Business Made Simple exceeded my expectations. They have great synergy and were highly professional in every step of the process. Erin was precise in understanding my business and what my business needs were. When my Workflow Remodel was done, I felt very confident on what exactly I needed to do to grow my business. I would highly recommend a Workflow Remodel to everyone who wants their business to move forward.

Dinara Lewis, Sranrom USA

A Workflow Remodel Will Be The Best Investment You'll Make In Your Business...

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Maybe you can relate to Troy's story.

“I’ve been running my business for the past 7 years and it is finally running smoothly.  I used to catch myself complaining all the time about working long hours.

I struggled to hire the right people because let’s face it, no one knew my business like I did.

My employees helped me out, but they weren’t quite living up to my standards despite my best efforts.

I was tired of doing it all and secretly wished I could go back to a 9 to 5 job....

Then I found Business Made Simple.”

- Troy
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It's Time For a Workflow Remodel...

Spend two hours with Business Made Simple and we’ll help you see the holes in your business.

  • 1 - Identify Your Black Holes…

    You know, the black holes that are sucking all your time, energy and hard earned money. You will see exactly where your business is bleeding money, and losing efficiency hours.

  • 2 - Revamp Your Workflow

    Map how data should flow through your systems.

    Streamline the who, what, when, and how for your business processes.

    Walk away with a concrete visual of how your business should run in order to be profitable.

  • 3 - Step-by-Step Action Plan

    You’ll get a step by step action list of what you need to do get your business moving in the right direction.

A Workflow Remodel Will Be The Best Investment You'll Make In Your Business. $750

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Every Workflow Remodel includes:

1 - Two Hour Workflow Remodel Session

During this two hour session we will dissect your business to see what’s working and what’s not. We’ll look at your software systems, processes, corporate structure, and fulfillment processes to show you exactly where your black holes are.

2 - Itemized Action List

As part of the Workflow Remodel, you will receive an itemized action list recapping everything we identified that needs to be done in order to fix those black holes.

3 - Your Custom Visual Workflow

We’ll create a custom visual flow chart of your new workflow, so you can visualize how your business is supposed to run from now on. You will love it!

Career Coach Jen's Story

Erin's workflow remodel process was a great way to see my entire company laid out before my eyes. Not only did I realize that I was going in too many directions, but that I have many gaps and holes that need to be filled so that I can more effectively take care of my client's needs. Their report and follow-up was helpful to guide me toward how I'm now spending my time.

Now I'm more on target with the direction of how I'm building my company and am already providing better solutions for my clients! I highly recommend going through the workflow remodel process with Business Made Simple!

- Jennifer -
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We GUARANTEE your time with us will be time well spent. We can guarantee you’ll gain clarity about your business and where it’s going. Having owned several businesses ourselves, we know how important that really is.

The Best Money You'll Spend On Your Business This Year...

Get STARTED today - here is what you get:

  • Two Hour Workflow Remodel Session
  • Itemized Action List
  • Your Custom Visual Workflow
  • $750
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You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee

Kristy Honsvick

When I contacted BMS I was struggling to manage all the details of my rapidly growing business. I needed a way to manage my employees and my clients and make sure everything was getting done. I was still working a lot in my business and needed to delegate more to my team. After meeting with BMS they helped me create a plan of what to delegate to my employees and helped me get set up on a system that would automate my client onboarding and fulfillment processes, saving me loads of time managing client contracts. Now, I love my business! I have confidence things are getting done and I have a system that keeps my business moving forward even when I get busy.

Kristy Honsvick, Admin Ease

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.Where will the workflow remodel be held?

    A.We love to meet in person when possible with businesses located in the the Greater Salt Lake Valley. We can come to your business location or meet in our Salt Lake City, or Provo office.

    For clients outside of Utah, your workflow remodel will be held via screen share.

  • Q.What do I get when I do a workflow remodel?

    A.Your workflow remodel includes:

    Two hours with us as we take a diagnostic look under the hood of your business. We dissect your workflow– how you run and operate your business. We help you identify where you’re losing money, productivity and identify what needs to happen to fix it.

    A written report documenting all the things you would need to do in order to fix the holes in your business.

    Your own custom visual workflow so you can see how your business is supposed to run.

  • Q.How long will it take?

    A.A workflow remodel takes 2 hours for the discovery and then a 1 hour phone follow up to review your report.

  • Q.How will this help my business?

    A.Our goal is to better every business we meet. You will walk away with a concrete vision of how your business should run and an actual plan for what you need to do in order to get there.

    Check out what our clients have said about their workflow remodel experience.

A Workflow Remodel Will Be The Best Investment You'll Make In Your Business. $750

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