3 Pillars of Culture That Improves Workflow

I recently read this article on the foundation of company culture. Company culture is not just in your branding, it is in the people you hire and even your workflow.

The three pillars of company culture are described by Amos Winbush III in these simple questions:

“Can you give up some control?”

In order for a business to grow, all workflow can not head for the CEO’s desk. Create clear guidelines for processes in your system and then let them run with the workflow.

“Can you empower your employees?”

Allow employees to solve the problems that land in their arena. If they overstep and need to be corrected, it is still more efficient and friendly than having them paralyzed. Either way, they can help to discover where the workflow needs to be examined.

“Do your customers have a voice?”

It is important to listen to your customers and give them what they are wanting. Complaints that are embraced are often the quickest way to improvement.

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