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Think Win-Win: Building Relationships that Succeed

I’ve been thinking about the types of business relationships we create and maintain. After all, as an Insightly consultant, my business is all about managing customer relationships. For any business to be successful, there needs to be a positive outcome for both parties involved. A win for you and for your clients! So how do…

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7 Smart Ideas to Maintain a Clean Database

Chances are, you spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing your data before importing it to your CRM. You know that complete and accurate data is vital to your sales and marketing success. So how do you maintain a clean database? Here are 7 smart ideas to consider: Workflow Automations for Data Integrity Missing…

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Exciting Document Optimization Partner

I am very excited to announce our new partnership with PandaDoc. Most businesses striving to go paperless are utilizing a document signing software. After investigating and testing many document signing softwares, I am thrilled with PandaDoc. If you are currently using a document signature software, I recommend checking out because there is so much more…

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Creating A Brilliant Business Budget

Smart budgeting is one the most vital indicators of a successful business plan. You most likely did not get into business because you love accounting (except maybe my CPA friends). With or without a love of accounting, a budget holds power. No business size, market, or industry can escape bad budgeting. I am recently rereading…

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So Simple: Automate your Business Numbers with Insightly

Why do I need to know the numbers? I was out to lunch with a business friend the other day, we were discussing how the power of “knowing your numbers” can transform a business. I happily admit that I am a bit of a numbers nerd but it is so powerful to know the KPIs…

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3 Steps to Sync your contacts and reduce double (or triple) entry

If you are like most businesses, you have a handful of softwares that your business can not run without. In today’s day and age, data is king and syncing that data between your softwares can be a challenge. You may have a CRM to manage your contacts and projects, finance software, email service provider, and…

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Are the new Insightly features worth the upgrade?

As an Insightly consultant business, it is no secret that we love our CRM. One of the things that gives me great confidence in recommending Insightly is their proactive system upgrades. The Insightly forum gives users a voice to recommend the upgrades they would like to see in the CRM. Insightly takes the recommendations with…

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Small Business Security

Should Small Business Worry About Security? In today’s world, data is king! Although it’s the attacks made against large businesses that make it into the headlines, it is actually medium- and small-sized businesses that are being targeted more and more by cyber criminals. Last year, 43 percent of worldwide cyber attacks targeted businesses with less than…

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Business Organization

What does it mean to have your business organized? Business organization can be a daunting project and does not always have a clear end goal. The first step is to identify the processes that make up your business. Once you have identified the processes,  automate the processes and monitor how well they are working. Automating and…

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Creating a Sales System

No matter what industry you are in, sales are the lifeblood of every business. Every business needs a sales system that converts leads to clients. Because let’s face it, if you don’t have sales, you don’t have a business. Creating consistent sales is the challenge of every business. In developing your sales system there are…

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