3 Tips Before You Implement

What do you do when you get caught in a fire hose of information and feel overwhelmed thinking of all the things you suddently want to create?

I use to feel that way alot in business. Can I share what’s worked for me in getting focused on what to implement and what not to?

Connect with your customer– Who are you trying to serve in your business? If you can tune into their mind and ask yourself, would this help me to better connect with my potential customers. If you can answer yes, then do it!

What am I already doing that’s working– Most likely you’re doing something that’s working or you wouldn’t be in business! Once you tune into what’s working, ask yourself, “Will adding more to my plate dilute what’s already working for me?” Maybe what you need to do is put more time and energy into what you’re already doing that’s working, instead of starting from scratch on a new project. Food for thought.

Fire bullets– In the book Great by Choice by Jim Collins, he talks about testing things on a small scale and using emperical evidence to determine if they’re working before you dump lots of time and energy into it. I wish more people would do this!!!!  If there is something new you want to try, before you dump try it out on a smaller scale. Run a couple of smaller facebook ads and see which ones convert best. Tweak things on a smaller scale and then when you’ve found the magic spot, start shooting cannonballs!

So What do YOU Think?