How I Use Insightly to Manage My To-Do List

As an Insightly consultant, I create solutions that help businesses simplify their processes and save time. Whenever I talk with someone about all of the ways Insightly can simplify and automate their business, I find that most people completely underutilize their CRM. I am often asked how I use Insightly in my own business. One of my favorite ways to use Insightly CRM is for managing my projects and tasks. Let me show you how I manage three types of tasks that you can utilize in your own business.



*One Time Tasks: Don’t forget to assign a due date!

*Repeating Tasks: When you mark this task as complete, it will automatically reappear at the frequency you selected. When you no longer need this task, simply delete it.

*Tasks within Activity Sets: Set the start and end dates to automatically assign tasks and deadlines for each new project or opportunity. Watch the video to see how!

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